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I am humbled to announce the official launch of my business, Lindsey DeCicco Photography, LLC.

Friends, thank you for your support and encouragement.  I am thrilled to be turning a hobby into a career, and I don't think I would have made the leap if it wasn't for you, the amazing people in my life.  Also, to those of you that have trusted me with your photography sessions during my portfolio building adventure, thank you!  You’ve given me great experience and terrific memories!

This year I’ve spent every free minute I've had really thinking about and planning for how I wanted to run a photography business.  I have a great plan and I am ready to go!  I am hoping to offer something that other photographers do not offer.  These are the things you can expect:

I want a photography session with Lindsey DeCicco Photography to be a top-notch experience for every client.  I have worked so hard on how I want an experience with my company to go from booking until product delivery.  I'm excited to offer every client a Session Premiere within 2 weeks of their shoot, where special pricing and collections will be offered for that night only.  I plan to offer you the best experience you’ve ever had with a photography session from start to finish.  I will treat you like a VIP!

I have spent hours and hours looking over all the products offered by professional labs all over this country.  I have found the best!  The canvases that I will offer are gorgeous and very highly rated.  The image boxes I will carry are a beautiful way to store and even display your favorite images from the session in your home.  I have found labs that print gorgeous prints and holiday cards.  I know we live in a digital age (that’s why you'll still be able to purchase the digital files!) but I want to connect with people that appreciate photography just as much as I do.  I’m not satisfied with leaving my pictures on a disk and sitting in my drawer.  I enjoy printing, displaying and sharing actual prints with actual people.  I want to find people that enjoy looking through an album or seeing their family photographs displayed on the walls of their home.  I can’t wait to deliver these real, tangible, heirloom quality pieces of art to you!

From the moment you book your session to the day I deliver your products, you can expect ease.  I will send a welcome packet, a what to wear guide and other resources immediately after scheduling.  Ease!  Within 2 weeks of your session, we will have a Session Premiere where I bring dessert over to your house, we watch a slideshow of your session and I can help you with decisions like sizing and location of canvases. Ease!  I then deliver your beautiful, ready-to-hang art directly to you.  Leave all the work to Lindsey DeCicco Photography while you enjoy the experience.

The vision I have is for a boutique experience from start to finish.  I want my customers to feel like their picture taking experience has been luxurious from booking until product delivery.  I have already started gathering my goodies to make you feel amazing. 

I realize that I may no longer be the price point which you are looking for to meet your photography needs.  I will be offering mini-sessions and fundraiser sessions throughout the year which will be a more affordable option.  Please stay subscribed to my email newsletters for information on mini-sessions and fundraisers.  You can opt in below.  Subscribers and former clients will have first opportunity at these sessions, so you'll definitely want to take a moment to sign up.

I am so thankful I took my time to find just what I want to do before jumping in with both feet. Again, thank you for the support and experience you’ve offered me this year.    I plan to honor the Lord with the talents he has given me through this business.  I will continue to give to domestic and foreign missions out of the income this business receives and I will hope to spread the love of God in every interaction I have.  As for me and my (business), we will serve the Lord! (Joshua 24:15)

Yours sincerely,
Lindsey DeCicco

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