365* | November 26-December 5

I am taking on a personal project.  Many photographers recommend shooting every day in all types of lighting situations to become better.  I want to do this so bad, but I know that I won't.  I will get mad at myself for not accomplishing the every-day-shoot.  So, I am going to do a 365*.  Notice the asterisk!  I will give myself grace, shoot as often as I can daily, but during the weeks I can't swing it, I won't. I might give a few extra from a certain day that week... or I might not!  Grace.

My first week-ish shooting is below.  I might shoot for a specific photography related reason, might shoot to document my family, might shoot for any which reason at all.  Here we go!

Obsession with laundry.  He is just watching it.  And watching it...

Sometimes a good old picture on AUTO is good enough for a memory.

Including this because I am not sure how many pictures I will get to be in!

Bokeh <3

New lighting technique practice!

"I not touching.  I watching."

Rocco loves pictures as much as his momma!

He was crying so hard (I'm sure it was a Christmas Tree offense) until he found the Rooster!  Then it was all smiles.

This morning, Rocco made pancakes with an entire container of Onion Powder!  Yum. 

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