Capturing Love

I love the challenge of capturing children.  It is a race to get those perfect shots before the buzzer sounds and you're out of time.  You never know how long of a window you will get with those sweet kids, especially the little, mobile ones who don't know how important this is to Mom and Dad.  

This was a whole new challenge for me.  Adults take direction well and usually have a lot more patience.  The challenge here comes from me having to trust myself to GIVE that direction and create something beautiful.

I had a lot of help with the beautiful part.  How gorgeous are Brittany and Justin together?  I was so happy I was able to capture love.  These two are celebrating 10 years later this year.  I had so much fun that I would LOVE to do this more often.

We spend our picture money on our children.  They are always growing and changing, and we have to remember them in those fleeting stages.  I get that.  I do that!  Aside from engagement and maybe a major anniversary, how often are we willing to capture the love we have with our spouses?  It would be so special to me to have some pictures of just my husband and I.  How fun to look back when we are old and gray and think of how young and cute we were!  We might not think it now, but we definitely will then!

I would love to do this with you!  

Lindsey DeCiccoComment