Product Feature | Glass Photo Box

You guys.  I love digital photography.  I take hundreds of pictures a month, sometimes week.  I look through my own digital albums on Facebook, Instragram, my iPhone and my computer.  I scroll happily through my friends pictures.  I dig pictures.  BUT. Isn't sharing actual prints with company in your home so much more... romantic? classic? timeless? plain-old-enjoyable? than sitting around your computer or your iPhone?

Your photography session with me should stand the test of time.  We pass down albums, and framed pictures, and boxes of photographs.  We flip them over and look for sprawling script on the backside.  We bring them closer to our faces and examine the details.  We laugh at the funny and reflect over the sadness and "aww" over the precious and pass them around.

When coming up with my business plan, I had no doubt that I wanted to offer tangible, heirloom quality products.

This latest product has got me giddy.  It is so pretty and classy.  It will look good in any room.  You can show off your gorgeous session to anyone who comes over.  I include a little easel so you can display your rotating favorite.  I'd love to help you order one of these boxes at your next session.

Isn't that pretty?! :)