365 | November

Welp, I forgot another day and then left my camera at home on my way out of town for another two days. Womp womp. I am a little disappointed, but I can't stay mad at myself when I remember that I have done this WAY longer than I thought I could! 

This November has been the most perfect fall I can remember. We have been taking advantage of all this warmth and sunshine and have been playing outside a lot. I have been wrapping up busy season with clients and also participating in the most exciting workshop ever. I can't wait to tell you more about it. **Tease** A whole new aspect of this business is coming! **Double Tease!!** To make sure you hear about it first, subscribe to my newsletter. There may be special surprises for the newsletter family.

Now for the pictures! This is days 137-167 / 365 minus day 154 which I forgot and days 158-159 when I left my camera at home when we went out of town. This class I have been in has been so amazing, but sometimes I forgot to take a picture until way too late. Notice the supremely uninspired picture of my outdoor light. I also have some proud moments, though.  I love the freelensed leaves. Freelensing is something I want to get better at. I tried my hand at the super moon, but it was so high in the sky, it doesn't look too "super". My son took the picture of me when I was working on Rembrandt lighting. I told him what to look for, and he nailed it! For some reason, the picture of R. in the basement is one of my favorites ever. I love the light and what it did to the colors. Enjoy!

This next batch includes going to a giant leaf pile by Potowatomi Zoo, Thanksgiving with family, our first time cutting down a tree at Pinecrest Farms in Galien, MI, decorating the tree and some of the boys! I tried freelensing some ornaments again. Several repeats are in here from Thanksgiving and Tree Day.

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