Annoucement | South Bend Family Photographer

You guys!!  I am so excited to be making this announcement.

I am officially ready to book Your Film Story Sessions. What are these, you ask? Let me tell you!  I've recently spent a lot of time getting to know the video-recording feature of my camera and new editing software. 

For a while now, my very favorite part of this business has been watching my customers view their slideshows. I sneak little videos in between the photographs during most of my family sessions, and the impact has been really exciting. Almost everyone has cried or told me how emotional they became watching the short video. It really feels like I am giving the family a special gift when they can connect to it so well. Although that has been very rewarding, I wanted to explore this aspect of storytelling a little more, so I have been studying in a workshop and now feel ready to offer these sessions to you.

With no further ado, please enjoy my family's video from this fall.

I love how their little personalities and relationships and toys and voices and hands and on and on and on are preserved here. Are you interested? You might have some questions. Let me address some basics.

What should I expect? You should expect me to be with your family for about 2 hours. No planning special activities are required. I want to show you how beautiful your family is just how it is. You might not think the every-day ho-hum routine or interaction with your family is particularly memorable. I disagree! The tiny hands, voices, wispy curls... the way your children look at your and each other... these are things to capture. After showing the video above to a friend of mine, she said "you don't have any idea how much I would pay to have a video like that from when my children were little". It's been said a million times because it is true: they grow up too fast! This everyday video experience will capture some of those moments that are escaping with passing time.

Do I need to clean?  Nah! My lenses are super expensive and they do a great job of focusing on what I want them to focus on. 

How should I outfit plan?  You don't really need to wear anything special.  This is a very laid back session capturing who you guys are (and therefore what you normally wear). You will barely notice your clothes!  You will however want to make sure everyone's hair is nice. We can capture just woke up bedhead in all it's glory, but you probably don't want to see that for years to come. Now, there are a few things to avoid because they don't photograph well. Avoid tiny striped patterns... they create a funny movement-like occurence on film. Avoid neon. Wear some nicer socks or slippers, not your nasty gym socks. That's really it!  

There you have it!  I am eliminating the session fee on any Your Story Film Session booked in January, so act now for some savings.  Just fill out the form below and I will contact you.  Can't wait!

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