Reviews are in for: Basics of Photography | Composition, Lighting and Manual

I so enjoyed our first workshop.  I had great students who asked great questions.  I'd love it if you would join me for a workshop.  Subscribe here to be placed on the newsletter list to receive more information.

[The] workshop was very informative, [I] feel much more able to use my camera creatively now, after 5 years of having it!
— Julie

I learned how to use manual settings on my camera, and I even feel confident explaining them to others now. Lindsey was awesome!
— Justin

I loved that the course covered basic photography that will help with iPhone photos, but more advanced settings that I can use for “fancy” photos with my camera.

There was so much to take away and practice right away.
— Blair

I really enjoyed the class. Cannot wait to go out and try new things.
— Sue

This was great! I don’t feel afraid of my camera. [I’m] more overwhelmed/excited to start playing around so I don’t forget.
— Liz