365* | February

If I was diligent with my daily shooting, this would be a 366, wouldn't it?  Happy Leap Year February, homies.

Focus: Symmetry. My handsome stud's new bowtie is also something I can't seem to divert focus from. :)

Focus:  Details.

He's so proud of his drawing.  I just waited and waited and saw him looking happy and proud.  Click!

More details.  Curly Q.

You know you are really into photography when you think potty training is pretty!

<3 <3 <3 <3

I love his love for "Big Huge Mickey" and all his other stuffed animals.  He and his brother love stuffed animals, and I'm so glad.  Ben still seems "little" in this one area.   He is growing out of all the other "little boy" things.  They can love on them as long as they want to, and they will still seem a little bit small.

Still working on symmetry!

I love playing with editing styles.  I can quite seem to pigeon-hole myself to one style.  I love the above and the below for totally different reasons.  These boys really luck out with after school snack time at Grandma's.