365* | April

I've been very inspired by this article on lighting.  I've been looking for little pockets of light in my house and caught one the other day.  I also caught a sneeze in action. 

We took a last minute Spring Break adventure to the Indianapolis Children's Museum.  The boys had a ton of fun with their buddies!

Even a breakfast of Cinnamon Toast Crunch can be beautiful if you are really looking.  Ninja gloves optional.

I surf the web in a mask and gloves, too.

My favorite little buddy turned 7 this month.  This was his birthday morning.  Little man is making all sorts of "funny faces" for the camera now.  He asks to see the back of the camera and cracks up at himself.

Birthday happenings.  We had a big snowstorm in April.  Several inches fell in the morning and melted by mid-afternoon.

Low light focus this week.  What a sweet little profile.

This guy loves his Emoji pillow.  I love the light in his room around 7:30 pm. <3

Sneaking Easter candy in a morning patch of light. 

I love focusing on low light for a photography challenge. 

Chef D makes a tasty donut bowl.

School lessons with my buddy.

He is so excited to get the right answer!

Rocco has a new picture smile.  Up until now, he has always said something and made a face... if we were in front of the Christmas tree, he would say Christmas treeeeee!!! and make this goofy face.  In the bath?  Bath timeeeee!!!   Now he does this sweet, perfect, darling smile, and I eat it up.

You know we can't get through a month without a laundry picture.  Obsessed.


One of the reasons I love photography is the vastness of the hobby.  There are hundreds of things to master and work on.  Going at it alone is hard... what do I do next?  Where should my focus be?  That's why I love groups like Shoot Along.  (There are many others that give you prompts, too.)  Having a weekly focus has really forced me to get my camera out and push the limits of what I know how to do already.  The rest of these pictures are focused on foreground framing, which is kind of hard to get creative with on a crummy, cold day.  Challenge accepted!

I love the mystery here.  It almost looks double exposed.