Birthday Lifestyle Shoot | Notre Dame Street Session

My little man turned 7 last week.  During the week leading up to his birthday, we had terrible weather.  Cold, snowy, windy, blah.  We opted for birthday pictures after the warm up.


One of my favorite photographers to follow has an interesting take on lifestyle sessions.  She usually starts at the family's home and then goes someplace the family loves to go.  Park, store, coffee shop, beach, etc.  This got me thinking.  For Ben's birthday pictures, I suggested getting ice cream at Kilwin's.  (Okay, I bribed him.)  This is right by Notre Dame, and I thought some pictures at Eddy Street Commons would look fun.  I promised him I could make it happen in 15 minutes.  We succeeded!  And bonus, we have fun memories, too.

Ben chose Superman ice cream.  Seriously, how good is Kilwin's?!

Who doesn't love kissable lips like these?  Who says a photo session has to be so stiff, formal and uptight?  Not me! :)

"Is my tongue blue?"

This pose is now my favorite of all time.  Bring on the dads with their little boys.  I will be printing this very large.  It gets me in the gut!