Introducing Fresh 48 Sessions

Once upon a time, I waited and waited to see that magical plus sign on a pregnancy test.  For some reason, it took three and half years.  It was the hardest thing I had been through.  When you want to be pregnant, and you are continually disappointed every 28 days or so, over and over and over again, it is very difficult.

I am so very thankful that the unexplained infertility we went through had a happy ending.  I shared something hard with a community of women.  Some of them had their own miracle babies, some went the very noble and challenging route of adoption.  Some are still waiting on their turn to be mommies. 


I remember thinking, "I will treasure this more when it happens for me again."   Now I have the ability to help you treasure those hospital days through photography.  There is something amazing about the time spent in the hospital, when this life is literally brand new.  There is a connection that is forming while you are memorizing features and comforting one another in a brand new adventure.

My friend, Alison, said it best on my Instagram picture.

I had a scary, emergency c-section after exhausting labor with my first son... I really have very little memory of those moments when I met him.  I was forcing myself to keep my eyes open.  Because of that, I have hardly any of these brand new pictures.  I didn't memorize features, I didn't snap pictures.  I slept groggily and tried to recover from the difficulties I had just gone through. 

With my second, I took pictures, I snapped and snapped.  I only had my iPhone, and didn't know how to take a good picture with a big camera anyway.  Yet these pictures are so treasured.  I still can't delete them off my phone.  Just one look takes me right back to those first, perfect moments!  I can only imagine having a photographer in the room, capturing these moments even better.

I would love to be able to capture those precious first hours of your family, the first bath, or the first time a sibling meets their new best buddy.  I'd be so honored to be part of those tremendous first days with your little one.

Enjoy a tiny bite-sized-glimpse at what one of these sessions could look like for your family in this short example video.

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