365* | July

I am taking a ton of photos lately.  TON.  July 4th, a challenging Shoot Along project, a family wedding.... click click click click. 

My actual, numbered, real life 365 project is going pretty well.  I haven't missed a day yet, but I am sure I will!  Yay for a little consistency.  It helps starting in the summer... there is more variation to shoot! I'm officially over 40 days... woo!

Here we go!

15/365 - Caramel Corn for the holiday

16/365 - Too Loud

Seconds after this shot, my youngest ran to me begging me to take him "ni-night".  Poor little guy!

16/365 - Sparklers

The sparklers cheered him up, though.

17/365 - Sparks

TIP! Choosing to focus on the sparkler with a fast shutter speed will allow you to capture those individual sparks.

18/365 - Marbles all day long

19/365 - Plenty

Click through the images below.  TIP! I used a high shutter speed to freeze the water.  I love the photo with the balloon exploding on my son's head.


21/365 - Friends over for video games

22/365 - Learning Skip-Bo

23/365 - Gotcha!

24/365 Where's Benny?

Tip!  Changing the f/stop to a narrow 8.0 or higher will start to give you some of these sun beams.  Try it. :)

Tip!  For a hazier look, open the aperture wider (lower number).

25/365 This real moment was my favorite from the "Day in the Life" shoot.

26/365 Lots of tears around here, lately. 

27/365 School time!

28/365 The boys had a lot of fun playing on the old mattress before it was picked up.

29/365 Ready for a round of hysterically bad golf.

30/365Backyard Purple Coneflowers

31/365Monkeying around at church camp.

32 and 33/365My sleeping toddler.  It's not very often I see him asleep!   Cutie face.

34/365 Oh, my heart. <3

35/365How cute are these kids?!?!

36/365I have been wanting to try this for a LONG time!  :)  Weird and fun.

37/365 This was way harder to pull off.  I have a long way to go with multiple exposure.

38/365A boy on a mission: spend a gift card.

39/365 Black Eyed Susans

40/365 A day date at my favorite beach on Lake Michigan

I desperately want to start taking pictures of people vacationing on the Lake!  I was tempted to start shouting into a megaphone on the beach (okay, not that tempted)... but it all seriousness, I'd love to be the fly-on-the-wall shooting your vacation photos!!

41/365   Big guy lost his first tooth.  And I wanted to cry.

42/365 Long orange shadows at breakfast.

43/365 Last but not least.

44/365 Faster than a speeding bullet.

I hope your July was happy!