A Day in the Life

Set a timer to go off every 10 minutes, take a picture of what you're doing.  This was the latest weekly challenge I took part in over at Shoot Along.

This is what I noticed:

1) It is really hard to take that many pictures in one day.

2) Laundry and errands all day does not give you much variation in what you are shooting, but holy cow, does it really make you notice how the light changes in your house.

3) It is very hard to change the ISO every 10 minutes as you move around to areas with different light sources.

4) This would be a great challenge to perform every so often.  It really stretched me.

5) The blogging for this post seems never-ending. :)



July 12, 2016

Good morning, Rocco.  Good morning, Puppy.  Why did you wake up at 6:15?? :)

Since you are up, why don't you come exercise with me.  The Riverwalk is usually so calm and peaceful at this time of day.  This week?  Lots of Pokemon-Go kids up before 7 am.

I LOVE my neighborhood.

Little bro getting a little curious about standing in the bathroom. Ha!

Tennis Camp drop off.  Sweet headband, kid.

Crying because "I want to play tennis!  I want to play tennis!"

I have about a thousand of these from July 12.  Rocco is obsessed with laundry.

...and our marble game.

Let's go run some errands.

...and visit a good friend.

Super sweaty.

Cottage cheese and comics.

I usually read for 30 minutes during nap time.  Mommies get lunch breaks, too.

Now I'm back to dishing out chores, and he's back to trying to get out of them.

Wash, dry, fold.

Ben likes to wake Rocco up.

Get dressed for the splash pad.

Heart eyes!

Sharing snacks.

Scrub a dub dub.

Time for a Mickey when Mommy showers.

More marbles!

Rocco's last dinner in the high chair... he's moving up to the table!

After dinner play time.

This daddy is the best!

Squeeze in some editing.

Heading to church for prayer and music practice.

And, just like that July 12 is in the books.

What a challenge.  I'm tired just looking at all of these again.  :)  Happy weekend, friends.