365* | June

A week late, but here we go!  Most of these pictures are from our trip to Myrtle Beach last month.  We had a lot of fun together, and we even snuck in a little day trip to Charleston.  I love that place!!! 

This month, I started numbering my 365 pictures.  I feel like it is a commitment I will probably fail at, taking 1 picture every single day.  However, every single photographer I look up to says this is the key to developing your own style and really learning how to take pictures in every kind of situation.  Here goes nothing!

The last little drop of sunlight in our house lights up the aloe.

Garage light basketball card shoot.

Strawberry picking

On the road to Myrtle Beach.

1/365 - watching big Bro shower... haha!

2/365 - Really pushing the limits of my camera's ISO to capture the moonlight on the water.


Rocco wasn't a fan of the water.  He said, "that water is NOT nice!" 

Freezing after an early morning swim.

Lots of putt-putt!


We love to find these restaurants on the water.



Off to Charleston.  So much beauty and history... a photographer's dream land! :)

Hyman's... one of the reasons I wanted to come back so badly!

Picture courtesy of Ben


We walked the battery with him as a 6 month old.  He thought it was cool we were there 7 years later.

Back to the beach, 6/365

7/365 - Boardwalk

Watching this storm roll in was soooooo cool!

8/365 - Super excited about this shot.  I've been wanting to try and capture lightning for a long time.

Home in Indiana

9/365 - We got home at dusk, perfect time to stretch those legs out and catch lightning bugs.


11/365 - first tomatoes from the garden

12/365 - golden hour sword fight



A great month:)  How was yours?