365 | August

August.  Oh, August.  My heart really never knows what to think about August.  I feel like I'm on a seesaw between summer and fall...  I love them both so much, I don't know which one I want it to be!  I can't bear to say goodbye to summer while simultaneously looking forward to fall. 


I'm still clicking away, every day!  Yay!

47/365An Instagram (and real life) friend captioned a picture, "nothing brings two kids together like a tablet" (paraphrased Annie Cline) and I laughed so hard.  Because yeah.  Totally true.

48/365 Bottoms up!

49/365 ... or just drink from the pool you are playing in?  Ew.  I stopped him (after the picture, whoops).

50/365 Yes.

51/365 Blue 42


53/365 Over it.

54/365Let's alley walk to the splash pad.

Pressing the button is Rocco's favorite part of the splash pad.  He barely touches the water.

Boys will be boys.

55/365 Golden Hour basketball



58/365 He loves to cruise the block in "red car".

Got pickles for DAYZ


60/365 Rain, rain, go away.

61/365 More and more and more.

Hair cuts.  These boys are rocking their hard parts.


63/365 I didn't take a picture today but I worked CRAZY hard on these videos.  Editing and videos are just as important to me as the picture taking.  Even though I technically missed a shot today, I am calling it a mulligan for the video.  Check it out! :)

64/365 Ben looks WAY TOO OLD in this picture.  We taught him how to play Clue and he's obsessed.

65/365 Tickle giggles

66/365 Sharing a fireside dinner (with helmet).

67/365 I want to love you...

68/365 Free lensing marigolds = a fun time

69/365 I have a 2nd grader! :(  There goes my heart seesawing again.  So proud, so sad, so glad he's back in his routine, miss him so much, ahhh.

just me and little man at home again

Here's a fun week.  Let's have the biggest week of your year in ministry coincide with the first day of school and an out of town surgery with a overnight hospital stay.   Oh, wait... that's not fun at all!

70/365Before surgery.  What a champ.

71/365A pretty corner

72/365 McD's dinner night.  #roughweek

73/365 When you find matching shirts, you buy them.

<3 <3

74/365 This year...

... last year.  :*(

Goodbye August.  I will miss you!