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Let's talk exercise.  I am one of those weird people that like to exercise.  I've been a Christian and a Physical Therapist Assistant for a long time.  Because I believe that the body is the temple of the Holy Ghost (1 Cor 6:19) and that you should keep it as healthy as possible (so that you don't need PT so often!), I try to stay moving!

photo by Austris Augusts

photo by Austris Augusts


Here are some of my favorites to do at home with little to no equipment.  Don't play the "can't afford the gym" or "it's too cold to run" card.  These fit into the needs I have 1.) pretty quick 2.) can do these while watching my kids in my own house 3.)  keep me from getting bored (which happens all the time.  I get really tired of doing the same thing all the time!)

1.)  Dance - just turn on some music and dance!  This is Rocco's dream come true.

2.) When the mood for Barre hits

3.) When I'm feeling tight and need a good stretch but still want to get strong

4.) For strengthening

5.)  Another Barre/Cardio fav


Let me know if you try them!!

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