Lifestyle Film Session | Granger, IN

A couple days before Christmas, I spent some time with the LaBonne family in Granger.  Dad had a day off.  Everyone had their coffee.  Little Rowen was sleeping away in the swing, so big sister Hadley showed me her room and what she loves to play with Mommy and Daddy.  When the baby woke up, we got to see her big beautiful blue eyes and spend some time in her room while Hadley ate some snow from the back yard.

It all seems so every-day when I talk about it.  So non-photo or video worthy.  But when I put it all together in a film about your family, the nostalgia centers of my heart start to churn and clank get to working overtime.  It is something that I tear up watching, and these aren't even my people!  I am in love with these sessions.

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