Off Subject | Stuff I'm Digging

Hey Yo!

I'm going to try out a new blog post idea this year.  Off Subject will be a little deviation from the normal photography related posts. I'm hoping to do these once or twice a month.

Decorating has interested me much longer than photography.  I'm talking back before Trading Spaces.  I'm talking all the way back to Lynette Jennings. My dream jobs at various points in my life have been interior designer and National Geographic Photographer (and didn't every little kid say Marine Biologist/Dophin Trainer at some point?). 

Today I'm sharing my favorite blogs to read.  Most of them are popular decorating blogs.  However, during a conversation last month I found someone who still didn't know about my favorite ever, and I couldn't believe it.  Maybe you will find something new to check out!

5.) Emily Henderson

I love her style and how she can so easily explain the method.  I feel like I could live in any room I have ever seen her design.  She was one of my favorite winners on the old HGTV show Design Star.  She's a great writer and she makes me laugh.

4.) Making it Lovely

Where Emily is verbose, Nicole masters brevity.  She has a great knowledge of design and elements working together. I love her Chicago Victorian.  Since my house is 100+ years old, I love seeing someone else decorating something with a lot of age.

3.) Yellow Brick Home

I love, love, love this blog.  I love her style, her quirkyness in her rooms, her photography and her writing. 

2.) Shannan Martin Writes

Formerly Flower Patch Farmgirl, she writes from such an honest and interesting point of view.  She always has me thinking when I finish reading.

1.)  Young House Love

Still my favorite, even though they retired.  I always felt like they were my friends.  Did you know they have a podcast now?  And bought a beach house?!  Can't wait to see what they do there!