The Smith's Updated their Family Pictures | South Bend, IN

All the planets aligned for this one.  Angels sang, heavens parted, yada yada yada.

what to wear fall pictures

Golden Hour is the best time for pictures because when the sun is out... this is the result.  THIS SESSION is why you schedule your pictures at this time of day.  Yes, these people are stunningly gorgeous anyway.  Yes, mama nailed the outfits.  But ohhh that sweet light! <3 <3 <3 

what to wear fall family pictures

Trust us when we ask you to keep your kids up a little later in the summer time for these kind of magical shots!

husband and wife family pictures


Let's talk about these people for just a second, too.  Brittany has been my most faithful friend since 6th grade.  She is just as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside.  She is raising great kids and she has a supportive and encouraging husband.  I am so happy to have this family in my life.  Find these kind of friendships and cling to them. They are worth so much <3 <3

portrait mom

Enjoy this beautiful gallery!

I told you!  Pure Magic.  I'd love to work with your family, too.  Click below to schedule a session.