The Hubby Project | Personal

My thoughts go back to finding pictures for Dad's funeral.  I take and print my pictures religiously, but I've been into printing books lately, so I don't have many recent pictures to take to the funeral.  I can't cut up my books.  The hidden drives where those pictures live are lost.  I am kind of sad I don't have recent pictures to hold.

An idea to start printing the best of the best pictures of the year (in actual 4x6 form) for my boys comes to me.  I will buy an archive box for each child-easy enough!  Now we will have books for perusing and prints for holding.  Especially when they really need them one day.  For graduation party boards and wedding slideshows.  For putting in frames around the house. For funerals, unfortunately.  This one with this relative, that one with another.

A mentor says, "Find a different perspective.  Shoot the same thing every day this month and see what variety you can achieve."

All of this comes together in a new personal project.  Create some great shots of my husband.  I loved the challenge of taking a picture of my husband every day.  At first he was looking at me like I was crazy, but he got on board pretty fast.  I can be ignored pretty easily, apparently. :)

Our boys will have and hold these.  They will remember him playing, helping around the house, being silly.  They will have something to hang on to in the tough times, something to laugh about in the happy times. 

I hope you enjoy these images of the best guy on the planet.