Hello Gorgeous

Last month I had the honor, and I do mean honor, to help surprise an amazing gorgeous woman with the foundation Hello, Gorgeous.

Please, please, please.  Check out this amazing company and the wonderful things it is doing for women fighting cancer.

At the Century Center in South Bend, we crashed the Expo for Women.  Kathleen was nominated and then tricked into coming.  The Hello, Gorgeous team ambushed her and then she walked the red carpet to her make-shift makeover spa room.

She received her facial, main/pedi, makeup, hair and wardrobe while I snapped away!  There isn't a whole lot of GOOD being talked about now a days.  This group of volunteers takes time out of their busy lives to do something that is just plain nice.  Giving someone a morning or an afternoon where they don't have to think about the hard things they are going through... what a wonderful gift.  Taking pictures for such an amazing event felt really good.  I hope Kathleen had an awesome time.  Help me pray for her and wish her well!! <3

Enjoy her film.