365 | May

May!  I've been totally uninspired.  Picking up my camera is an after-thought.  I have many iPhone shots that are taking the place of real 365 shots this month... and I didn't even bother finding them to put in the post.  A combination of bad news, getting sick (again!), yard work, and actually taking time to ENJOY these people has me down creatively.  However, as always, I am so happy that I have these images. 

I was looking at a book I made in 2013 before I really tried shooting in manual.  I was struck with a few thoughts.  1) I really have improved, thank God! 2) Even though the pictures are technically terrible, I was beaming looking at them. 

*PSA- You guys, just take the picture!  You won't be sorry.  Print them for extra credit!!  Those pictures on your phone and in your camera and even on your computer are in danger of becoming outdated and lost.  Get them out of there.   They're meant to be handled, flipped through, passed down, enjoyed!