Summer Availability

I know, I know.  Fall gets all the hype.  And for good reason!  It's beautiful.  It's "sweater weather".  Pumpkin Spice.

But Summer.  Ahhh, summer.  It's warm.  The kids don't have to be in bed so early.  Lake Michigan.  Let's do that!

Lake Michigan Photography Session

I have limited dates due to vacations, camps and weddings.  This is my availability this summer.  We can adjust days a little if needed, so if Sunday evening doesn't work, ask me what else can!

Fill out the form for more info.  Don't want to wait?  You can book right away here.

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As promised, here are some of my favorite summer dinner ideas!  Help a tired momma out and send some my way, too.

-I put these on the list, since there is finally a little sunbeam in the forecast this week.  They are super yummy.

-This is on my list, too.  I haven't tried it yet, but I really love every other recipe I have tried from this website.

-This is a yummy dip.  I left out the olives. I can't find the original, so hopefully you can get enough info from my pin! (It's labeled Pool-Side Dip.)

-A favorite. I make a big bowl and then we eat it for lunch all week til it's gone.  My people gobble it up.