Personal | September

After several months of very little inspiration, I feel like I am almost too inspired right now!  It's coming from everywhere!  I can't keep up, but I'm sure trying!

I'm trying to get better at using my iPhone... actually learning the camera.  I literally do everything I tell my photography students NOT to do when I shoot with it.  I pick it up and snap.  I rarely think about composition, lighting, anything.  Since this is the camera I always have with me, I might as well learn how to use it!

I also started a new personal project.  I am intentionally leaving some pictures out of my September blog post until I get more photographs for the new project done.. so stay tuned for that!

September has been hot.  I think my latest-in-the-season beach trip ever took place this month.  I love the warm weather and it is hard to brace for the cold.  I have been waiting way too long to go apple picking though.  I refuse to go when it is 92 degrees!