Sunrise Head Shots | East Race, South Bend, IN

Shooting at sunrise is the best you guys.  I love it so much, I want to beg all of you to consider it!  Here's why:

  • The light is yummy and magical.
  • We don't have to chase it.  We aren't running out, we are getting more and more! It helps us relax because we have "more time".
  • Everything looks pretty at this time of day.
  • It's not that early!
  • Your kids are already awake, right?!


Elspeth contacted me about Head Shots.  (Did you know I do those?) She is a very talented voice actor.  Immediately I Googled her, and guys, she's good!  How fun would that job be?  She is one of those people who has such a pretty talking voice, that you just know she'd be a great singer.  She's also beautiful, which makes taking head shots that much easier.