Pinterest Trend 2018

I was finally ahead of the trend on something.  This has never happened.

Not once have I been able to say that I did something "before it was cool".  Finally, people are on board with big art. Listen to my evangelism and drink the Kool-Aid.  You will love it!

Look how teensy an 11x14 looks in this room.  (I taped it next to the frame for you to easily compare.)

Look how teensy an 11x14 looks in this room.  (I taped it next to the frame for you to easily compare.)

Pinterest, using it's magical wizardry, claims that for 2018, one of the home decor trends is big art. You can check out all the 2018 Trends here.

I am nodding my head, saying Amen.  Preach, preacha'!

When I bought my current house, with the 9 foot ceilings, super wide french doors + their sidelights, and the thick 100 year old trim, I thought my 11x14s looked awfully puny.  Underwhelming.  Gallery walls were having their moment (I still have one, no hate from me!) but no matter what I tried, the galleries of 8x10s and 11x14s did not fit the walls.  Big was the answer.

Go Big or Go Home!

Go Big or Go Home!

Four and a half years later, these are still making me giddy whenever I walk by.

I want to show you the difference between hanging an 11x14 and a BIG print on your wall. Most non-photographers think 11x14 is great option for printing their family picture.  My clients think this is a good "enlargement" size because it is bigger than you can print in the drugstore.  You guys, 11x14 is NOT BIG ENOUGH.  An 11x14 can fit on a tiny wall, with a matted larger frame.  On a statement wall (think above the mantel, bed, couch, piano, dining room table) you need either several of these or a big honkin' print.

You can see the comparison in these pictures.  Smaller 11x14s are just not working on the wall. They are not substantial enough to stand alone. 

I recommend measuring for a 30x40 when you are ordering your favorite portrait.  It is a great size.  Big and on trend! Woo! 


Photography featured in this post by: Lindsey DeCicco Photography, Jenny Hoke Photography, Furore Photography.