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Melissa knows exactly how valuable family photography is.  She has her own successful photography business shooting weddings, babies and families.  I am especially thrilled to be able to offer these Family Film Sessions to those people who get it

Melissa and her wonderful family invited me in on a Wednesday morning. The kiddos were still in their PJs, dad was overseeing things from the kitchen island, coffee in hand, and Melissa was just finishing getting herself ready for the day.  That's what I love about these sessions the most.  They are so low-stress.  There is no need for matching outfits, primped hairdos or forced smiles.

Mom got little Meadow's hair done, Dad got her dressed.  Then, Mom showed me around Brock's room and got him ready for the day. We went downstairs for a dance party (the kids begged and begged.  They didn't need to.  I love a family dance party.) After that, we went upstairs for some painting where things got particularly fun and messy!  Shawn is such a great sport. Lastly, it was important to Melissa that I capture the nap-time routine for posterity.  A Bible story read (with a favorite friend from Paw Patrol) and a children's song playing from an iPhone... perfect!

Enjoy the film with this password: brockandmeadow

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