Personal | December

Happy New Year! 

We are enjoying winter break, despite frigid temps and a feeling a little trapped this week!  It has been snowing all day and the kids are playing outside getting some much needed fresh air.  We've been kind of lazy, which is what winter vacation is for, if you ask me!  A puzzle is on my dining room table and soup is on the stove - just right!

December was busy, as it always is, but we found time for rest as well.  Now we have a blank slate, a schedule white as the snow outside.  Of course, like most people and especially small business owners, I have spent much of December and now these first few days of January gearing up for another year.  Goals, methods, hopes, dreams, & wishes are on the brain.  I stumbled upon a great goal writing series here.  She encourages you to pick a word to guide your goals all year long.  I have seen some of my friends doing this, and this year I am hopping on the bandwagon. The answer came easy for me: gratitude.  The scripture says that God daily loads us with benefits.  Daily!  Loads!! (Psalm 68:19) I want to be more mindful of these daily gifts and give him praise for them.  This past year was rough.  I lost my dad.  Our church is in a rough spot.  Things are happening that I have no control over. Yet, God is still always good.  He is still always doing a mighty work.  Pointing it out to myself daily has got to be encouraging---and I need some encouraging.  If I know anything about God, I have a sneaky feeling God will change me through it. Hopefully I will end up less selfish and more thankful.  Instead of seeing #blessed all the time, I'd like to see #grateful.  It's less about the blessing we've received and more about the offer of thanks for that blessing, right? 

Here is our December... a Family Film and some pictures.