A Word on Senior Pictures

Let's Talk About Senior Pictures

This month brings the official beginning of spring and hopefully some warmer weather along with it.  We can never be sure of that around here, can we?  Spring time ushers in warmer weather,  blooming trees and that feeling of hope and renewal that is so palpable. 

Senior Pictures South Bend East Race Blue Shirt

It also brings a rush for senior pictures!  Last minute moms (I'm not looking at you, I swear) scramble to get a date scheduled for their sons and daughters.  Don't be those moms!  You have a chance now to get your optimal date choice, so act today!  I have a limited schedule for fitting-in these sessions.  See my available dates below.

Senior pictures are fun.  Most of the seniors I work with are really excited to get some great portraits.  The parents are standing off to the side holding all the outfit changes and accessories with a look on their face that I know will be on my own face sooner than later.  "I can't believe this is my daughter... about to run off to college... sniff... wasn't she just 3 yesterday?... sniff.. sob... cry face cry face cry face."

Let's take the stress of these sessions down a notch with the following tips:

  • Plan on bringing an outfit change or two.  Don't forget your accessories and shoes for each outfit.  Some ambitious gals have brought 4 outfits.  We always save the least-favorite for last in case we run out of time!
  • Dress for the weather.  You're not as cute if you're freezing.  You just look cold!
  • Bring something meaningful.  Pom-poms, a certain necklace, or your tennis racket can all bring some personality into your session.
  • Trust me.  I have worked really hard learning how to pose you, place you in the most flattering light, and show off your best features.  You might not know what to do with your hands, but I will tell you!  After 15 minutes, you won't even remember you felt a little awkward at the beginning.

If you have a Michiana senior and you still need senior pictures taken, click the contact link below.

Available dates:

  • March 25
  • April 15
  • April 22
  • April 29
  • May 6