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A Family Film Session in Mishawaka, IN

I met Kara at Storytime when our 4-year-olds were babies.  I immediately liked her.  Most of the moms don't talk to each other at these things, but she was different.  We liked how both of our baby's names sounded similar, Arlo for her and Rocco for me.  She mentioned she was a photographer, and I told her how I was working toward that goal. We saw each other a couple times, but then Storytime sessions ended for the season and we parted.  I did start following her photography business on Instagram, though.

Flash forward to early last summer.  At Central Park a lady with her other mama-friends strolled up to me to compliment me on my skirt.  It was Kara!  We remembered each other and reconnected a little.  Now, I started following her personal Instagram!  Lol!  Meeting friends in 2018 is weird, isn't it?

I think she is a treasure, and after meeting the rest of her crew, I bet you will, too.  Kara and Dan were really excited about a Family Film Session starring their kids.  One thing she mentioned during our planning has stood out to me.  "I have photos of all the big things, but someday I will miss the morning we just spent together, doing nothing.  It is such a precious time of life that is going by so fast."

Yes!  This is exactly why I love these sessions.  There is realness, an authenticity in them that just cannot be found in a regular yearly family photo session.

Kara mentioned something else that has stuck with me.  I was complimenting her on her adorable house (wait until you see it!) and she said that sometimes it was hard to see past the things she still wanted to do and appreciate it.  Don't we all get like that?  It is so hard to see past the have-nots and be grateful for all we have.  It's so hard, in fact, that I made it my personal goal to do the opposite this year.  I am making a conscious effort to be thankful by recording all of the little blessings that happen during my days.  It is not always easy, but I am so glad I am doing it.  This letter board in Kara's house confirmed that to me all over again. 


A big goal of my Family Film sessions is to show you just how beautiful your everyday is (at the very bottom of this post, you can read how so).  I hope I succeeded with this one.  Enjoy.


See your family in a truly unique WAY...

The everyday moments of your family's life are worth remembering. Not only that! The ho-hum daily grind is also beautiful. That's right, dishes in the sink and all. We all know how fleeting this life is. Is there anything more true than "They grow up so fast"?  These sessions offer your family a time capsule, a moment frozen in time... except... it's not frozen.  It's moving, smiling, hugging, crying, speaking.  They are frozen moving moments that you will be able to revisit again and again.