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Professional Family Photos do not have to be a drag!

I know, I know.  All the good photographers promise you a stress-free time getting your pictures taken, but let's be honest.  The photographers that actually hire people to do their own professional family photos know the truth. It is not a stress-free time. It takes being on the other side of the camera to remember all the "fun" parts that we totally space when talking to our own clients:

a) You are spending big money

b) Your kids woke up on the wrong side of the bed

c) Your outfits worked okay hanging up in the closet, but not so-much in real life.

d) Speaking of outfits... finding something cute for every member of your family was not easy.

3) Your hair.  Why today, God?!

4) Bribery and "anything goes" parenting for 2 hours is not your proudest moment.

I am already starting to think about the JUNE family pictures I have scheduled with a big-name, big-money photographer.  I am kind of sweating it!  However, I have some inside info and some secrets that I am willing to share with you, the masses, so you can collectively chill out before your next big photo session.  It is the little pep talk I am giving myself for our upcoming family pictures.

  • You have a built-in assistant. Who?  Your photographer!  This is what you hired her for.  Yes, for this part, too, way before the pictures even happen.  My session fee covers your every worry.  Text and email me outfit decisions.  Ask me about that thing that has you particularly worried.  What is my policy on (x, y, z)? I will tell you!
  • It is not as bad as you think.  What isn't as bad?  Any of it.  Your newborn's baby acne that literally just popped up last night.  The bruise on your toddlers knee. Your one flyaway hair that won't behave.  The naughty little devil you buckled into the carseat.  Feeling totally stiff and uncomfortable in front of the camera.  It is not nearly as bad as you think, because we are good at what we do!  That acne is a easy-peasy press of a mouse button.  Same with the flyaway hair and the bruise.  Your ornery boy will be putty in my hand in about 2 minutes.  I brought bribes, too.  You won't be feeling as stiff and uncomfortable in about 10 minutes, promise.  I have tricks up my sleeve for you guys, too! 
  • Trust.  That's what it all boils down to.  I want you to trust me.  I will move your arms, squeeze you closer, fix your hair, put you in great light, and sing, bark, moo, whatever I have to do to get those little ones to smile. I won't let you look bad, awkward or silly.  I will make sure you love your time with me (or at least not HATE it- I am always so happy when I win Dad over!), and most importantly, love your pictures. I also have a 100% satisfaction money back guarantee.

That pep talk totally helped me! Did it help you?

Enjoy some of my favorite Michiana family pictures.