Saturday Morning with the Wentz Family | Niles, MI Family Film Session

A Saturday Morning Family Film in Niles, MI

Baking cookies, putting together a puzzle, playing some instruments, snuggling up with a book and a little super-hero dress up. If this sounds like a very familiar Saturday morning, you might be a parent of two little boys. 

mom and son snuggling on couch

How about the mom-view version?  Mopping the floor, wiping down the counters, cleaning up the cookie mess, wiping down the cookie faces, sopping up the spilled milk.  Now that version should sound especially familiar to a parent of two little boys. At one point, while Ashley was mopping the floor, she said, "yes, this is just like every other Saturday morning!" 

father and son looking at risen sign on window

That's my whole vision for these sessions.  My goal is to show you how beautiful all of the normal, everyday stuff can look when you get a little space from it.  When we are right in the midst of life, it doesn't always come across as particularly special or beautiful.  However, once you see your life through the eyes of an artist, you can see the beauty.  These fleeting moments, those voices with the impediments, and the big belly laughs change, mature and vanish. I am here to stop them from vanishing all together.

For those wondering about the process, let me explain it breifly. During a Family Film session, I try my best to act like a fly on the wall for about 2 hours.  Afterward I edit those clips I've shot into a 3 or so minute video for you to enjoy again and again.  I try and pick the perfect song and create the perfect feel.  These boys were full of energy, so I chose a playful song. Please watch and enjoy!