And Now For Something Completely Different

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I am officially launching Family Film Sessions.


Most of my supporters, clients, friends and family have heard me get all giddy about these sessions.  Most of you have probably even seen a couple.  However, this winter, I made it a goal of mine to be able to release a body of work by the summer to show this community what I've been chattering about.

I'm ready to do that today!  I have had the pleasure of working with several Michiana families since January, and have plenty to show you.

But first, let me tell you why I love Family Film Sessions.


*big sigh*

The everyday moments of your family's life are worth remembering. Those moments are not only worth remembering... the ho-hum daily grind is also beautiful. That's right, dishes in the sink and all. We all know how fleeting this life is. We all shake our head in affirmation every time someone says "They grow up too fast". Has anything ever been more true than that statement?

These sessions offer your family a time capsule, a moment frozen in time... except... it's not frozen.  It's moving, smiling, hugging, crying, speaking.  They are frozen moving moments that you will be able to revisit again and again. Family films allow you to "go back in time" and re-watch your own history. Two hours of your life can become a time capsule of nostalgia.

Most of you know that my dad passed away last year.  During the times when I am missing him the most, I pop in an old home video.  It helps to see him and hear him and remember.  This is not just something I love to do, something that puts my creativity to good use, or something to pass the time.  This is important.  I take it very seriously. 

I see you all, looking through your phones all the time.  You show me videos of your kids.  The funny things they did, or the cute way they said something.  You guys already know how important capturing their every day is.  But who, my friend, is capturing you?  Don't you know it is just as important to those little darlings you are raising to see their parents in a video?  To see you interacting with them?  To hear your voices and watch how you react to them? I hear my dad's voice in my own family videos, but since he was the one taking all of them, there are very few with him as the star of the scene.  Let me tell you. From this place of loss (that I hope none of you have to endure for a long, long time), I wish there were more of him. More of us together. Lots more.


Stringing these scenes along my editing timeline like beads on a necklace, adding the music, bringing out the voices... this gives me such joy.  Not just me.  Listen to what my first clients are saying.

Last week we had an AMAZING opportunity to work with Lindsey DeCicco Photography on our own little Family Film. We were elated to have her into our home and we had such an enjoyable time doing all the things we love to do most as a family. And we did it all!! It was SERIOUSLY such a beautiful experience to work with her. She is SO good!! SO talented, so gentle and caring. These lifestyle family films are her passion you guys and we were so blessed to have been given this opportunity and welcomed her into our home with loving arms!! This is an AMAZING keepsake for us with our little ones to which I encourage you to do!!
— Melissa Waldron
newborn baby smiling on moms chest
Booking a session with Lindsey is an experience, an experience of pure excellence and fun. Her presence is engaging, joyful, and extremely accommodating to family needs. She not only has a love for photography but also life and people which is felt the moment you meet her and displayed in every photo. She has the ability to turn what seems like an ordinary moment into forever memories. Our beautiful session far exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend Lindsey DeCicco Photography! After your session you will leave with beautiful memories and a great friend. She is the best!
— Shelly Wilson
Ooooooooo hhhhhhhh mmmmmyyyyyyyy gooooooodnesssss. We couldn’t love it anymore!!! Watched it 5 times already. I really bawled my eyes out. It was so perfect! What a priceless treasure. Thank you so much!
— Ashley Wentz
The video is so beautiful! I love the happy music and the little details you caught. The kids kept yelling “there I am!” I especially loved the potty scene that made it in. Those are the little moments I don’t want to forget! Thank you so much. We will treasure this!
— Kara Lewis
making pancakes on Saturday morning
As a photographer, I have a million photos of my children! They constantly have a camera in their face and while I love everything a photograph brings, it doesn’t stand up to video. This was our first time doing any type of videography and it’s a different type of emotion that comes with seeing the final product. I was to replay it over and over and I KNOW this is a video I’ll continue to play. You can’t replace something that includes my children’s laughs or their behaviors at this stage of their life. I’m blown away by the emotions I feel when I watch it.
— Allison Steele

Please, grab a favorite drink and a cozy seat. It's movie time!  These are some of my very favorite pieces of work I have ever signed my name to.  Enjoy! And remember to scroll down to the end for a special offer.

A Mishawaka, IN Family Film at the Lewis House. Donuts, coloring, reading books and brushing teeth never looked so good.

Pancakes & Eggs (from their own chickens) start this story off right. After that, we head outside to play and work.

What a good dad, right? Who else would let their children paint all over them?  I can't say I'd be that fun.

Those cookies were just as fun to taste as they were to make.  These two pals were a blast to follow around all morning.

Dandelions and curly hair in slow motion.  Dreamy.

Ohhhh my heart.  That newborn time goes so quickly.  In the moment it feels like it will never end, but it's gone before you blink.  I'm teary eyed with this one.

Since I have two boys, it is so interesting to do these films with two little girls.  It is a foreign world to me, but I love it!

Can you tell a story in a minute? I think I did.  This is one of my favorites.  This is what my boys do every day at this age, so it is precious to me.  Plus, it has that gorgeous light, so it makes my eyes turn into hearts.

My first and still one of my favorites.  This was shot over several weeks, so it's a little different.

Family Film Release Promotion

The first 4 Family Films booked are only $350.  These films need to be scheduled between now and August 31.  Email today to get the promotional price!

These are the available dates as of this writing: