Michiana Newborn Photography | Snuggle time

Michiana Newborn Photography | Snuggle Time

Who doesn't love a chance to snuggle a newborn baby?  It's one of the best perks of this job.  Taking family pictures, engagement pictures, headshots, senior pictures... they all have their own pros and cons.  Newborn photography, though... oh I love it!  The atmosphere, the memories, the smell of their sweet little heads.  Gimme! 

newborn baby smiling on mother's chest
baby feet against black backdrop

If you are planning for a newborn photography session in Michiana, here are some of my favorite tips:

-Schedule an in-home session.  They are relaxing, easy, relatively quick and most importantly, meaningful.  You know how when someone is having a difficult time with an upcoming move and they always say, "It's the place we brought our babies home to."  There is a reason for them saying that.  The memories inside those homes are precious.  Having an in-home session preserves so many of those memories.  (Plus... it is freezing here for half the year so an in-home Michiana newborn session is a no-brainer during the winter.)  (For some of my favorite in-home sessions, check out this, this and this.)

-Warm up your house for the session.  I love taking pictures of baby's feet, hands, and chubby thighs and tummies.  The babies will be much happier if they are warm!

-Keep it simple.  A simple comforter on a big bed will show of your baby and your new bigger family off very nicely.  Same story in the nursery.  The crib and chair are perfect places to tidy up, especially if you have a window nearby.

-Go with the flow. Try to have baby fed, but if we need to pause for a "snack" or do a wardrobe change due to spit up or worse, no worries!  I build in some time just for those reasons during newborn sessions.

-Enjoy.  I am here to bless you with a priceless gift that will last a lifetime.  Let's make it fun.



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