A Family Film Starring The Stephens Family

Amy reached out to me after seeing one of the Family Films I did earlier this year.  She "got it" immediately.  While we were chatting, she said that she usually gets family pictures a couple times a year, but as soon as she saw the Film sessions, she knew she had to do this!  The voices, the way they look at you and interact with you and each other... that can't be as easily captured with a photograph.  (I will die trying, though!  I love photography.)

blonde curly haired toddler in dandelion field

Cory and Amy invited me down to Plymouth to visit their beautiful cabin.  Their property is sprawling and gorgeous, and to my delight, the house was surrounded by dandelions.  Praise hands. 

We started off in the kitchen for breakfast and then played inside for a few minutes before going outside to enjoy the beautiful day.  This family has 3 children 5 and under.  It's the time of life when each parent has a kid on a hip, trading back and forth the responsibilty of pulling the heavy wagon.  Do you remember that time? I am already passed that age.  My kids are loving their independence and I am no longer toting them around all the time. I hope this Film Session preserves this season of life for this beautiful Michiana family.


Since these sessions are new to most people, I want to share some helpful hints.

The trick to these sessions is to not prepare.  I know it sounds counter intuitive.  I don't necessarily want to do all the things you do on a Saturday at home, just a few of them.  Why?  Simple.  The real magic is in the interaction.  When you settle into an activity, any activity, there will be a natural interation that will happen.  You might be making breakfast, reading a book, or feeding the fish like this family was.  That's when we see how your family truly interacts with one another. 

If you are considering a Family Film Session, I suggest having 2 ideas TOPS as a back up plan.  Not even as Plan A.  Plan A is me watching you guys being together, whatever that may be!