Saturday Morning with The Steeles | Franklin, IN Family Film Session

The Steeles had me over this month to get their first family film done!  They received their goody bag and film this week, and good news! They loved it as much as I did. Hear what Allison had to say about it.

As a photographer, I have a million photos of my children! They constantly have a camera in their face and while I love everything a photograph brings, it doesn’t stand up to video. This was our first time doing any type of videography and it’s a different type of emotion that comes with seeing the final product. I was to replay it over and over and I KNOW this is a video I’ll continue to play. You can’t replace something that includes my children’s laughs or their behaviors at this stage of their life. I’m blown away by the emotions I feel when I watch it.
— Allison Steele

Yes!  So much yes.  I agree with you, Allison.  I am obsessed with these, myself!

Documentary photography, making pancakes and eggs

Allison has had an eye for style and design since I've known her, way back in High School.  Her house is amazing.  I want to live there!  Her and Gavin have really turned it into a gorgeous place.  They cooked me a yummy breakfast with eggs from their own chickens.  This tradition started when they got their chickens and had so many eggs every week.  Gavin said its an "every Saturday morning" thing and I can tell.  Maeve can crack an egg with the best of them.  Later, the kids caught some fish and split some wood.  They were swinging on the swing set and it was lovely. 

making breakfast

The best part? These sessions don't take any planning. 

Outfits? I promise, you can wear whatever you want! 

Clean house?  How about you give me 2 rooms.  That's it! 

Planned activities?  Please don't.  Show me normal!

Enjoy this beautiful family's Sweet Story Session.  I still have space for 3 more this summer if you want one, too!