Let's Go to Grandma's House | Stull Extended Family Film

I realize now, it's not just my mother who spoils her grandkids with food.  Ice cream and cookies within minutes?  All the grandmas of the world say, "Sure!" 

I was invited back to Plymouth, IN to film the Stull grandkids going to Grandma's house.  You'll recognize 3 of the 5 children from this film. Listen. My boys don't want to leave their grandma's house, and neither should these kids! I am a grown woman, and I didn't even want to leave this Grandma's house.  I already mentioned the goodies.  This toy room is the stuff childhood dreams are made of.  My grandma had 1 toy.  A bowling game.  That's it!  And don't get me started on the backyard, complete with pumpkin patch and a rollercoaster Gator-ride through the soy bean fields to the fish pond.  Dreamy.  See it for yourself.