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I know, I know. I literally posted June's pictures 3 days ago.  Here's a one-two punch of our summer.


4th of July is my favorite.  I can't wait til I have a lake house and get to have a giant party every year.  Til then... we go to the beach and watch fireworks with our friends!  Love that tradition.  Another tradition I love is taking the boys blueberry picking.  Yummy and pretty, amIright?

Other than that, it's been playgrounds, lemonade stands, coloring in the "clubhouse" (aka the garden shed, but don't tell them that!), playing in the hose and of course, a few trips to the beach!

The Summer Inspiration Guide prompts have still been helping me out this summer.  See if you can find: blue, alone, transportation, play, fruit, rainbow, regulars, fire, bored, playdate.

lake michigan stairs
lake michigan stairs without wave