Impressive Anniversaries | Michiana Extended Family Pictures

When Kim contacted me asking for family pictures in honor of her 40th wedding anniversary, I was so excited!  40 years.  What an accomplishment! Three kids, three grandchildren and lots of memories later, here we are. 

The really amazing part is that Kim and Steve's parents are both celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary this year, too!  How beautiful. I love meeting people with strong families.  It's my top goal in life, short of making heaven my home, to raise a strong family.  The Feitz Family has inspired me this summer to invest even more in my little loves.  I've seen a glimpse at the payoff and it's beautiful. 


We met at their home in Osceola.  What a place to raise kids! A big fenced in yard with a pool and swings hanging from the trees?!? I'm envious.  They have lived here for 30 years. I love that it is part of their celebration photo shoot.  Enjoy.