Family Film Session in Granger, IN

When Chelsey first inquired about a family film, I knew in that first conversation that she totally got it. I hung up the phone completely floored to work with her. She kept saying that she wanted to remember her children’s voices, laughs, mannerisms, and that could best be captured on video versus photography. Yes! You’re right! I just kept nodding my head in excitement. She said, “I’ve watched every single video on your webpage and I’m obsessed with them.” (Aw, shucks!) She is due with a baby in a couple months and they are also celebrating their 10 year anniversary, so this definitely felt like the right time to do a Family Film.

The anticipation to do something you’ve never done, that few (if any) people you know have done… I get it. Fear of the unknown is real.

Chelsey shared a couple great comments during our experience together that might help you decide that you can totally book one of these sessions, too.

  1. Authenticity. Chelsey was worried that her kids would act up and steal the spotlight. She worried that when the camera turned on, their ability to act natural would fly out the window. She always worried that she herself would feel challenged to act natural. A simple conversation with her daughter, explaining that I would be coming over and taking some videos of them playing that morning, was all it took. Once we got set up, they reminded her that I was invisible for the day. It worked. Chelsey also said she felt comfortable being herself on camera.

  2. A go to list. I don’t want you planning much. I don’t want you setting expectations so high that they are bound to fail. I do think that having a tiny list of 3-4 things in your back pocket might be helpful, though. She thought about the things that she really enjoyed doing with her children at this stage in life and then crossed off the unrealistic ones. Playing outside in the snow? Sounds amazing, but not when it is 5 degrees! That’s a recipe for disaster. Make a little list, keep it handy if needed, but be flexible enough to know when something is a “no” for the day!

These tips were great, so I had to share them with you!

Enjoy this special Family Film celebrating life before 3 kids and 10 years of wedded bliss!

Lindsey DeCiccoComment