2018 Personal Cumulative Family Film

I tried my hand at shooting 1 second of video every day last year and compiling it in a family film. Maybe I should edit the last sentence to say “tried and failed”. I did not shoot every day. Not even close. This was my worst attempt at a 365 yet, but I did enough to make a fun film for my family to enjoy. Something is always better than nothing.

They love watching these. I love to include the everyday boring stuff, because it’s always those clips that unexpected tug on my heart strings years later. The certain special things on their dressers, the favorite stuffed animal of the season, their little impediments that slowly fade away. Sob fest!

My oldest helped me cull this. I had lots of extra clips in and he helped me slash and dash it, throwing away the too-similar or the not-as-exciting. We had fun. He would also be very proud if you knew he helped with the song choice.

Enjoy! If you can make it all 6 and a half minutes, more power to ya!