Try it - The WHY behind Family Films

I wish I could adequately tell you how much I love making these films. I would ditch every other type of session in a heart beat if these kept me busy enough. They make me giddy.

Clients love them, too. The text messages and emails I get make me grin so hard, guys.

If you’re like most people, though, you might be stuck on the purpose. Why would you invite someone into your home to film your family for a couple hours? You might feel like your house is a mess. You might feel like your family isn’t interesting enough for a film session. You might think it would be chaotic or too much planning. (Let me address these concerns quickly: it’s not too messy, you are interesting enough and it’s not any more chaotic than all the other houses I have been in before. I have 2 kids, too, ya know!)

This film is my attempt to show you my why. Please enjoy, and if this pulls on your heart strings at all and you feel the tug to do this with your family, please contact me today!