April 2019's Monthly Goals

Personal Goals

Are you a list maker? I am. I am one of those paper and pencil list makers that crosses every last thing off every day. I am one of those extreme list makers that puts an unexpected item down after it’s already done just so I can cross it off. I am one of those nerdy extreme list makers that crosses off things I do every single day (read Bible, exercise, shower). Yes, shower. Shower is something I started putting on my list after I had my first baby and haven’t really felt quite on top of every since. HA!


My April list is below. Some seem easy but are so dang hard (date night with hubby, for example). These are things I am prioritizing this month.

  • Complete my first commissioned wedding film.

Can’t WAIT for this one.

  • Complete my first commissioned birth film.

This one might be a little trickier. I don’t advertise or market this service, because I don’t have the flexibility to drop everything and head out like I would need to. However, mom is okay with a good college try, so I am hoping the stars align perfectly and I get to capture such a miraculous moment on film!

  • Go on 2 dates with my main man, at least 1 scheduled friend date, and have someone over for dinner.

These personal goals are easy to let slip through the cracks if I am not careful. I value quality time with my husband, friends and I need to make it a priority. Having friends over for dinner is important to me because it was modeled to me by my parents. There is something about taking the time to plan a meal, keep your word when you say you will be there, and allow your families to come together with all the different dynamics that happen. Kids playing together, adults interacting… this stuff is what my childhood was made of. Shout out, Shannon!

  • Start playing my ukulele and piano again.

I go through seasons where I play these instruments every day, and others where I don’t. It’s been a long dry season lately. Music is relaxing for me and a healthy challenge. It has been part of my life since I was 5 and started piano lessons, and it is cathartic for me. I’ll just have to kick the little piano-hog off the keyboard once in a while. Get back on it, girl!

  • Walk every day.

Every morning, I usually start off with a walk. It is a time of prayer, thoughts, zoning out to music, or just observing the minor daily changes in my neighborhood. If I don’t start my morning like this, I don’t feel as ready to tackle the to-do list (see intro paragraph--haha).

What is on your goal list this month? Tell me, I want to know!

Lindsey DeCiccoComment