Friday Five | Five Favorite Lake Michigan Beaches

Pure Michigan

I get to Lake Michigan as often as possible during the summer, which is not often enough. Wouldn’t it be fun to hit the lottery and move up there?! #dreams

What are your favorite beaches? Please tell me! I love to try new ones out.

Favorite Five

1) New Buffalo

This is a pretty obvious one for everyone, but if I have some out of towners reading, go there! Its close, it has great food and the beach is fun. It’s kind of rocky, but the smooth flat ones add to it’s charm, especially if you’re in the mood for skipping stones. My favorite thing to do is collect beach glass and this is the best beach to find it at.

2.) Silver

I’m starting with the obvious beaches. This is the beach we all go to all the time because the drive from South Bend is so darn easy and it’s got everything you could ever want. Good swimming for kids, lots of parking, a big fountain to play in, playground, carousel, bathrooms, food, a pier to walk on, historic lighthouse and boats to watch. Can’t beat it, really.

3.) Grand Mere

People don’t really come to this beach as much. It’s a little harder to get to, once you’re there you’ve got a lot of climbing over super-hot dunes carrying all your junk/little kids, and there aren’t any amenities. But it’s beautiful and wild and just one of the best. Love it.


4.) Rocky Gap

This is a new-to-me beach, thanks to some locals sharing their favorites while we got ice cream in St. Joe last year. It’s north of Silver and has a small lot and a good stretch of beach. It was fairly empty when I visited last, which is a plus when you’re not in the mood for the business of the popular beaches. I’ll definitely go back this year.


5.) Tiscornia

I saved the best for last. It’s my all-time favorite. That view when you first step over the last step makes me lose my breath every year. I’m such a sap for it. I always turn around and stare at it before I leave for the last time each year. I never want to say goodbye! It’s a great beach with a pay-to-park lot, bathrooms and never much of a crowd. It has great swimming and a pier. It’s fantastic.

Enjoy your trips, and be sure to invite me to come along!