Monthly Goals | May

You win some, you lose some. Last month I did great on a few and did terrible on a few others. I am going to be repeating some I completed and trying to repeat some I did not.

Old news first:

Go on 2 dates with my main man, at least 1 scheduled friend date, and have someone over for dinner.

Last month I succeeded on this one! Those personal relationships are important to me, so here’s hoping May is just as successful as April was!


Walk every day.

This was good. I started up a new prayer “routine” - I hate to call it that, it should not be routine! I was inspired to come up with a schedule for my prayer life and I dedicated that time to my walks in the morning. This has been great, and on the days I have missed it, I have really felt it! I hope to continue through for the whole month of May, improving my spiritual and physical health at the same time.

Complete my first commissioned wedding film.

I did this and I cannot wait to share it this month on the blog. Keep your eyes peeled.



Start playing my ukulele and piano again.

I played each of these once in April. Which I suppose is better than March, February and January combined. So, not a total loss? It’s therapeutic for me. Much more so than mindlessly scrolling social media… so I just need to get back to it!

Now for the new:

Get it shape!

I am expecting a baby in September and am already feeling so blobby. I need to be in better shape so I can make it through the next 4 months strong. I am hoping for more walking, more exercise in the mornings and just generally being more active now that I am definitely in that feel-good 2nd trimester.


Develop an online photography course

I’ve been teaching in-person workshops for several years. This summer I want to have an online course completed for any out-of-towners that want to learn how to use their cameras. I want May to be the beginning of that process. I’m excited about this one!