Wedding Videography | Bringing Down the Couse

I’ve learned the hardest part of wedding videography, guys. I can’t dance while I am shooting! So hard for me! I am so excited to share my first commissioned Wedding Film with you! Family films have been my jam for a couple years, but this wedding was a first! (Well, technically a second, but that was for practice!) I am hoping to add a handful of these dates to my schedule every year because they are so much fun. It’s literally a party and I want to be invited.

Kahli and Eric were a joy to work with. She’s all personality and he’s shy and they just fit so darn well together. I loved meeting them initially as we discussed their ideas for their wedding videography. I left that meeting telling my husband that this was going to be a fun one. You’ll see what I mean when you watch this! These people radiate joy and the fun of togetherness.

What was most important to this couple was capturing a burn-out. Yes! A burn-out was on the list, and boy was it a good one. Bubbles, Dad’s speech, Grandpa’s prayer and ALL THE DANCING was requested. Since I only include portions of speech, I sent them a separate film including all the vows, speeches, prayers and minister’s remarks that they have to compliment their main film. This way they can have it all!

My personal favorite moments of this film are many, but it’s hard to beat Dad’s look as he walks her into the church. You can see the emotion all over his face. Love that. The burnout, fun-loving bridesmaids interacting with their bride and the dancing are pretty great, too.

They had a gorgeous early April day with warm temperatures, sunshine and an absolutely stunning location in Goshen, IN for their wedding reception. It was my first time there and it wowed me. After the ceremony, the weather was nice enough to head over to the 100 Center in Mishawaka to take some fun pictures by their awesome cars. You’ll spy Kahli’s father’s blue car under her bouquet in the reception video, and I’m sure you won’t miss Eric’s Camaro (remember the burn-out I told you about!).

Please enjoy and help me celebrate the newlyweds, Eric and Kahli Couse.

Location: Queen of Peace & Bread and Chocolate

Photographer: HeySisters! Photography

DJ: iEntertain & Lighting

Limo: Out on a Limo

Flowers: Camille’s

Cake: Sweet Em’s

Hair and Make Up: Salon Nouveau

Videography: Lindsey DeCicco Photography assisted by Kim Stull

Lindsey DeCicco Photography’s Wedding Videography division serves South Bend, Mishawaka, Granger, Elkhart, Goshen, Plymouth, and Michigan City, IN as well as Cassopolis, Edwardsburg, Niles, St. Joseph, New Buffalo and Three Oaks, MI.