Friday Five | Cookie Time

I am not a great baker, but I have a sweet tooth. These are 5 cookies even non-bakers like me can learn to make! Note: If you want to try any of these recipes, I will gladly be a taste tester for you!


1.) Chocolate Chip Cookies

This is my favorite recipe. I have made it a bunch and never screw it up! It’s a classic. A little fudgy, not too soft, not too hard. They don’t come close to my mom’s but, then again nothing ever will!

2.) Brownies

Ok, this isn’t really a cookie, but it kind of is? If I am in the mood to bake cookies, and I start getting things out of the cabinent, half of the time I change my mind and make these. So I am calling it a cookie! This is my favorite recipe. It’s from scratch, easy and perfect. Fudgy, not cakey and hard to eat just one!

3.) Lemon Cookies

These are really good when you want some lemon! So delicious, and on the light side.

4.) Cowboy Cookies

I have not mastered these yet… I’ll admit it. The activity room ladies in the nursing home I worked for made this every couple months and I promise you, they are to die for. I’d beg and scrounge until I came up with the exact change needed to buy one of those big, beautiful cookies. These smell fantastic. I will conquer the cowboy cookie. I will!

5.) Big, Chewy Oatmeal Cookie

This is on my to-try list. I know half the world hates these cookies, but it’s hard for me to pass on one. I am on the hunt for the best home made recipe, so if you have one that fits the bill, please send it to me!