Local Business Spotlight

Supporting local businesses is something I try and do as often as I can. If there is a local Christmas tree farm, a baker, or restaurant, I try and patron it more than the chains. I know that it makes an actual person in my community happy and a little bit better off when I do so. This post is highlighting 3 of my favorite local businesses. Check them out!

Third Day Farm

If “grass-fed”, “free-range”, “organic”, or “delicious” are words in your normal vocabulary, you need to check out Third Day Farm. They are locally owned and operated, have their meats and eggs in several restaurants in the area and have several delivery locations for your convenience. I order their eggs a lot and have bought a lot of the meat options. If I had a deep freezer, I would totally get some of the big bundles they offer for the savings. Ordering is so easy and they have great customer service. Yummo.

The Pretzee Co.

My cousin makes the cutest, tastiest caramel covered pretzels ever. She’s been a favorite at Madison Road Artisan Market, has lots of cute holiday ideas and loves to do birthday party and wedding favors. If you have a theme idea, I guarantee she has a ribbon for it. So good. Must-try!

Sweet Babes Baking Co.

These cookies will knock your socks off. Her designs are so detailed and beautiful. My cookie decorating, if it existed, would be laughable. I hired her to bake some cookies for a party I had-they were such a hit. I can’t wait to have more parties and order more cookies. They are as good as they look, too. Almost too pretty to eat, but not quite!


Hmm.. all food this time. I wonder what’s on my pregnant mind! Try them out!