The Garber Family | South Bend Family Photographer

Grace, Rick, Ethan and Alek are the newest members of the LDP family! They have almost been in front of my lens a couple times, but schedule issues and weather had stopped us. We finally got together to capture this fun-loving family last weekend and barely made it out of the park without getting poured on. The weather tried to stop us again, but we wouldn’t have it!


This family loves to travel, play baseball, have cookouts and movie nights and play catch in the backyard. Grace will remember this season of life by all the laughs, the kids’ smiles, and their innocence. We definitely got some smiles and even had some laughs during our session at Shirojiwi Nira in Mishawaka. The Japanese garden was full of Prom-goers, but it looks like we had it all to ourselves! It’s beautiful in the Spring time. Unfortunately, the the pretty blooms were all blown off the trees by a storm the night before, but we got to enjoy the blossom petals on the ground. Lovely!


Grace and Rick just celebrated 20 years of marriage, so we took a ton of photos of just the two of them. I love that their boys will have pictures of their parents, still in love and goo-goo eyed over each other. What an example!

Enjoy my favorites of this family session and welcome them to our LDP family with me!

I love the way they look at each other in that 3rd picture! Isn’t she lovely? Sidenote: I think she wins best hair of 2019 so far!