Friday Five | Five Favorite Recipes

Every spring or winter when the weather changes, I get excited for that season’s food. The cravings for summer food or winter food start just before the temperatures change and I start to get excited thinking about corn on the cob or chili.

These are the foods I am going to start making stat! If it will ever stinking warm up and stay warm, that is!

1.) Tomato Cucumber Salad

This became my favorite thing to make last year. I can’t wait for garden tomatoes, but in the meantime the grocery store will do.


2.) Blueberries

Ok, I know this isn’t really a recipe but all I can think about is handful after handful of fresh blueberries. Do you guys go to The Blueberry Ranch? Yummo. I go several times a year. What do you guys do with all those berries? I eat a bunch fresh (as you just read) and then I freeze a ton to add to Greek yogurt in the mornings.


3.) Greek Salad

Here’s another pretty salad to make. Isn’t so much easier to eat healthier in the summer? All those fresh veggies are in season and it’s too hot to eat anything heavy. Hoping this helps my weight-gain through the end of my pregnancy, but I doubt it! haha!


4.) Beer Can Chicken

I do a way simple version of this on the grill and it is so good and so easy. It’s funny looking but delicious. Give it a try. I linked the gamut on Pinterest, so you can check out the different rubs.

5.) Queso

Make this when your friends stop by. It’s perfect for sitting out on the deck and munching on some warm gooey goodness.

Which one are you going to try? I want them all!